.NET Tutorials

Written by:Timothy
10/5/2009 2:04 PM

Last year, I had the pleasure of competing in the Microsoft "SPARKS Will Fly" 2009 competition.  This competition gave me a brand new look on creating and programming for embedded devices, something that I had not thought I would be involved in.

My entry didn't make it to the final 3 but all things considered, I got a lot of good experience with Windows CE and intend to continue my development of embedded devices.  There were a lot of moments of intense frustration and a lot of moments of "I can't believe that worked!  Awesome!" I am going to use this blog to share some of the things I've learned about Windows CE and also some source code for the components I've built that proved very useful to this and future projects.

So stayed tuned.  My first sample will be a .NET based web server, and it'll be coming soon.